A dynamic search block is a highly customizable block. Here are a few versions that you can import from the library

Regular Dynamic Search

The design of the input and button will be imported from the theme. To see dynamic results, start typing in the field

Product Search, dynamic results divided into 3 columns

You can customize how to show results in Flex option of search results.

Compact Look for Search inputs

You can customize the look for each input and also for form wrapper

Search block on click

The dynamic search block can be used together with the popup sliding panel block; this will save space if you use search in the header.

Search block in popup

Popup is another way for search’s view

Search as common area

You can remove borders for buttons and input and save it for form, and this will give it the look as common area

Rounded edges

Expandable option

You can enable an expandable option. This will remove the submit form on the button click and show expandable input instead. Great if you use it in the header. It’s important to set proper place of expandable input, it can be from left or from right. Click on the button to see action. Important – expandable input is not recommended for use with dynamic results, so they are disabled here